UrlEncode() Online Tool

Encoded result:

Just encode a URL

This free URL encoder encodes any URL, single URL parameters, PHP code, JavaScript (js), C code, strings, patterns and much more. The online URL encode tool uses the PHP function urlencode() and encodes all non-alphanumeric characters except - _ . into a percent sign (%) plus two hexadecimal values and replaces spaces with a plus sign (+). This corresponds to the standard file type "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" and is therefore suitable for using a string within query parameters of a URL.

Secure URL encoding

Compared to other URLEncode online tools, the Online URL Encrypter offers more security for all inputs:

  • The entries are not saved!
  • Data transmission is secured with TSL encryption
  • Your values will not be processed via GET parameters

URL encoding example

The following is an example of percent encoding , ie how a URL is encoded:

Original URL:

https://www.url-encode-online.rocks/url-encoder.php ? _ hl = en & test = abc

URL Encode:

https %3A%2F%2F www.url-encode-online.rocks %2F url-encoder.php %3F hl %3D en %26 test %3D abc