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Encoded result - RawUrlEncode():
Encoded result - UrlEncode():

What is RawUrlEncode()?

The free raw URL encoder encodes URLs, texts, strings or patterns using the PHP function RawUrlEncode() and thus replaces all non-alphanumeric characters except - _. ~ into a percent sign (%) plus two hexadecimal values.

This coding corresponds to the RFC 3986 standard and is used so that special characters are not interpreted as URL separators if you want to use a string within query parameters.


URL Encode example

Here is an example of percent encoding, how to encode a URL:

Before - Original URL:


After - RawUrlEncode URL:



Secure URL Encoding

Compared to other URL Encode online tools of the Online URL Encrypter offers here when coding your entries more safety:

  • Your entries will not be saved!
  • Data transmission is secured with SSL encryption
  • Your values ​​are not processed by GET parameter